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Alphabinnacle Magnetic compass

Type approved magnetic compass according to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED), Chinese Classification Society and other Maritime Authorities. For commercial vessels over 150GT, fishing vessels over 35m and naval vessels with or without DG correction. Suitable for use with Alphatron and other Transmitting Magnetic compass (TMC) equipment to operate repeaters, off-course alarms and outputs to navigation equipment including gyro back up.

The AlphaBinnacle can be used with a simple periscope assembly which is easy to install or removed. Due to the improved water tightness around deck/ periscope area, it reduce installation work for a shipyard. It can also be used as a standalone compass or even with an electronic device (TMC) in combination with repeaters. The AlphaBinnacle is a lightweight product which guards the Class A compass. The AlphaBinnacle will be delivered with the necessary deviation correctors (including; B, C, D and H).

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