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Suez Electronics provides leading edge to a wide variety of customers in diverse markets.

Public Safety

  • Public safety personnel need reliable communication systems that are able to survive in a virtually any condition.  They need coverage within their duty time and the ability to communicate across jurisdictions in a simple manner that does not require a lot of effort when they are in the line of fire. Bottom line: first responders need communications that work.  We have the reliable products and the experience to meet your need.
  • You are a police office closing in on a suspect. Or you are a firefighter checking on your comrades inside the raging blaze. Or you are an EMT calling ahead to the hospital from the ambulance to let then know what to expect. In any case, your radio is your lifeline, and we have got you covered. We install and maintain a wide range of radios. Trust Suez Electronics for your public safety electronics needs.


  • Suez Electronics is well versed in serving a broad base of marine customers including commercial seagoing shipping and fishing, brown-water, research & workboat vessels, passenger ships, offshore energy exploration and production, naval and Coast Guard, yachts and pleasure crafts; drawing from our complete line of products for Below Deck, Communication, Navigation, and Safety & Security maritime applications. 
  • Suez Electronics project management is available to address the needs of specialized integrated Systems.
  • Once a new piece of equipment has been selected, or existing product is in need of repair, our service engineers are fully factory trained to install or service your equipment.  We have the experience and are equipped with the resources to keep your vessel fully operational from the point of installation throughout the life of your equipment.


  • Your cargo is on the move all over the country. You’ve got computers in Cairo, ovens in Alexandria and TVs in Qena. Radios are vital for communication, but you also need a way to track all your shipments.
  • We can help. Not only do we have a wide selection of radios, but we also offer tracking systems so you always know exactly where your trucks are. Go with Suez Electronics for your radio and tracking systems.


  • There’s a water main break on a major arterial street. Water is gushing onto the pavement and disrupting traffic. But you can respond quickly, because you know which of your trucks are closest to the incident and you can quickly dispatch them via radio.
  • Suez Electronics makes this possible. We install and maintain vehicle location and voice communication systems for utilities.

Industrial Sectors

We equip chemical, ship-building, steel manufacturing, oil and gas, tourism and other industrial sectors with communication systems. We install and maintain all systems, so you have peace of mind that your equipment will always work. With Suez Electronics on your side, this could be you. Rely on us!

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